Self-Clinching Fasteners

What is a Self-Clinching Fastener?

Self-clenching fasteners are classified as part of the electronic hardware family, and they’re not governed by some of the IFI or ANSI standards.

They are known as press bit or cling-style and provide an economical method of joining sheet metal panel applications and printed circuit boards.

They are used in the aerospace and commercial industries.

At MF Supply, we are a Captive distributor; this is one of the major brand names in the self-clinching world. Captive is an alternative to the PEM brand, which we also sell.

Self-Clinching Product Categories

You can also check out our Self-Clinching cross reference sheet here.

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Mil-Spec Socket Caps for Sale

MF Supply is your one-stop-shop for all of the high-quality hardware you need! In today’s blog, we are discussing our mil-spec socket cap options.

What is a Socket Cap?

A socket cap is the standard among high strength fasteners that are needed to withstand the faster speeds and higher pressure of today’s machines, instruments, and assemblies. They’re also known as their trademarked name, Allan Screws, and they’re used across various applications.

MF Supply Mil-Spec Socket Caps

Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws

Our stainless steel socket caps come in both coarse and fine thread.

MS16996 is our fine thread socket cap. Click here for more information!

MS16995 is our coarse thread socket cap. Click here for more information!

Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screw

MS16997 Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screws come in zinc yellow or with a clad plating. Click here for sizes and more information!

A286 Stainless Socket Head Cap Screws

NAS1351N is our fine thread option. Click here for more details!

NAS1352N is our coarse thread option. Click here for more details!

Why Choose MF Supply for Mil-Spec Socket Caps?

All of our mil-specs socket head cap screws come with full paperwork and are all DFAR compliant. Many of them are available from drop-ship directly from the factory with no lead time and next day delivery!

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Custom Made and Reworked Fasteners

Is your business having trouble finding standard or specialty hardware? Do you need domestic or DFARs items but can’t find them off the shelf? MF Supply makes custom and reworked fasteners!

Why Do Customers Need Custom Fasteners?

There are a few reasons that engineers or manufacturers might need a custom or reworked fastener. Whether it is that they want something that is not readily available off the shelf, they might need a different length, special plating, or specific certification.

A lot of customers need black fasteners, which often are non-standard.
Another reason is that they need something that might be a commercially readily available part, but they need it to be made in the United States.

MF Supply can help will all of these requests!

How to Get Custom or Reworked Fasteners from MF Supply?

In order to get custom made fasteners from MF Supply, we need to know a little bit more about the parts you need. You can provide us with the print, including information such as your dimension needs, tolerance requirements, materials, plating, any certifications you’ll need.

One of the most important things we need to know is how quickly you will need your order by. Some custom or reworked orders are quick and easy, but others can take weeks or even months. This just depends on what you need!

Click here for a complete guide for ordering custom or reworked parts.

Get Custom Made Fasteners from MF Supply

If you are looking for custom or reworked fasteners, contact us at MF Supply by email. Make sure to include as much information as you can about your request so we can get you an accurate quote quicker!

Hardware Functional Equivalents and Sourcing Experts

At MF Supply, we spent a lot of time sourcing hard to find, back ordered, expensive, or out-of-stock OEM hardware brands. We do this in order to save money and to reduce long lead times for our customers.

Just like in the pharmaceutical world, where there are brand names that everyone knows, there are also generic brands that are functional equivalents. This is true for the hardware industry too!

What is a Functional Equivalent?

Some brand-name fasteners are also available as functional equivalents, also referred to as crossed, generics, or alternatives. These are parts that are the same in form, fit, function, material, and specifications as the brand name.

Functional Equivalents Examples and Case Studies

Below are two case studies showing how using functional equivalents has saved a lot of manufacturers a lot of money and time.

Case Study: Precision Shoulder Screw Functional Equivalent

In this case study, you can learn more about precision shoulder screw functional equivalents.

Case Study: Keensert Functional Equivalents

In this case study, you can see that smart manufacturers use brand equivalents to save time and money!

Should You Use Functional Equivalents?

On our website, we offer some of our different product reference charts that actually show you the different part numbers that all our functional equivalents.
Check it out here!

Four Point Check Checklist

  • Check your BOM- Does it call for an OEM brand?
  • Are the Lead Times going to hinder your timeline? Will having the part sooner improve the delivery of your final product.
  • Will your supplier provide you with the certificate of conformance to certify that the part is a functional equivalent to the original brand you are looking for?
  • Will saving money help you be more competitive in your market?

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