New Inch & Mil-Spec Precision Shoulder Screws

MF Supply is happy to announce that in addition to our Metric Precision Shoulder Screw line, we are now offering Inch and Mil-Spec Precision Shoulder Screws, including MS51575 & MS51576. These new products are available for RFQ directly from!

As your source for functional equivalents to expensive brand name fasteners, we know how to save you money and reduce long lead times commonly found with brand name fasteners.

Here is an example of a functional equivalent in action:

The following screw, available for RFQ at, has a generic description as follows:
3/16” shoulder diameter x 1” long x 8-32 thread in SS18-8 (300 Series) with a hex-socket drive. Below we list seven OEM brands (yes, seven!) including their part numbers, and one Mil-Spec part number that are all functional equivalents:

    • Grainger 6JY20
    • Lyn-tron SS7431-00
    • McMaster-Carr 94035A208
    • MSC Industrial 67313726
    • Pic Design 4423
    • RAF 6931-SS
    • WM Berg PZ-14-3
    • MS51576-14

Visit our cross reference chart and plug in your part number to see if a functional equivalent is available. Popular precision shoulder screw brands include: Amatom, Cambion, Concord, Globe, HH Smith, Keystone, Lyn-tron, Misumi, Pic Design, RAF, Unicorp and WM Berg. A comprehensive selection of Precision Shoulder Screws is also offered by McMaster-Carr (tight tolerance series), MSC, and Grainger.

We encourage you to check out our Precision Shoulder Screw Buyer’s Guide on our blog where we share “Five things you need to know” to have the most efficient shopping and buying experience.

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to see if we can cross to a functional equivalent,
shorten lead times & save you money!

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Five Reasons to buy from MF Supply

  1. Huge inventory including 18-8, 303, 316, 416, A2, A4 stainless in Inch & Metric, including major brands and functional equivalents
  2. Domestic parts with full paperwork and Certificate of Conformanceavailable
  3. Custom Sizes, Materials and Plating options available
  4. Creatively solve problems including hard to find parts and long lead times
  5. WBE/WOSB Woman Owned Certified Small Business

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