Custom Made & Reworked Fasteners

When off-the-shelf fasteners are not the right fit for an application, engineers and designers may require Custom Made fasteners. This may be for a prototype, a replacement of an existing part, or for a large-scale production run.  Learn more about what they are and how to get an accurate quote below.

Custom Made & Reworked Fasteners at MF Supply

Custom Made and Reworked Fasteners

Is your business having trouble finding standard or specialty hardware? Do you need domestic or DFARs items but can’t find them off the shelf? MF Supply makes custom and reworked fasteners!

Why Do Customers Need Custom Fasteners?

There are a few reasons that engineers or manufacturers might need a custom or reworked fastener. Whether it is that they want something that is not readily available off the shelf, they might need a different length, special plating, or specific certification.

A lot of customers need black fasteners, which often are non-standard.
Another reason is that they need something that might be a commercially readily available part, but they need it to be made in the United States.

MF Supply can help will all of these requests!

How to Get Custom or Reworked Fasteners from MF Supply?

In order to get custom made fasteners from MF Supply, we need to know a little bit more about the parts you need. You can provide us with the print, including information such as your dimension needs, tolerance requirements, materials, plating, any certifications you’ll need.

One of the most important things we need to know is how quickly you will need your order by. Some custom or reworked orders are quick and easy, but others can take weeks or even months. This just depends on what you need!

Click here for a complete guide for ordering custom or reworked parts.

Get Custom Made Fasteners from MF Supply

If you are looking for custom or reworked fasteners, contact us at MF Supply by email. Make sure to include as much information as you can about your request so we can get you an accurate quote quicker!

Buyer’s Guide to Ordering Custom or Reworked Parts per Print

Custom made fasteners

4 Things you need to know

when buying

Custom Made & Special Fasteners

Precision manufacturers and OEMs regularly use custom or designed and engineered-in fasteners and machined parts in the manufacturing process. These “per print” parts may be for a prototype of a new product, a replacement of an existing part, or for a large-scale production run. No matter the reason, this guide will help simplify your process for procuring quotes and ordering custom parts.

1) What are custom parts “per print”?

Fasteners and components that are non-standard and not commercially available and must be manufactured to a print or a drawing are considered “per print” fasteners. Although you’ll find thousands of variations of fasteners, the most common reasons to custom make a part include: a need for an unusual diameter or in-between length, an uncommon material or plating, or a special head size or drive type. For example, an M6 x 1.0 x 37 metric socket cap in A286 material would need to be custom made since the length and the material are nonstandard.

2) What information should I provide to get an accurate quote?
For the most accurate quotes, provide the following six pieces of information:

  • A print with dimensional and tolerance requirements
  • Details of the material and plating specification
  • Quantity levels including EAU for possible price breaks
  • Paperwork needs, which might include: Certificate of conformance, material test report, ROHS or DFAR requirements, domestic or country of origin, first article or PPAP
  • Delivery needs, including desired deliver by date
  • A price target if you have one

If you have any special labeling or bagging requirements, include that information on your RFQ as well.

3) What are reworked parts and how are they different from per print parts?
Reworking parts usually involves taking a commercially available screw and performing a secondary service, that is, removing or adding something to the screw. Common secondary services include, broaching a drive socket into a screw product, slotting a fastener head, adding grooves, special threads, trimming, cutting, drilling or captivating a fastener. Adding special platings, heat treatments, patches, pellets and other locking elements are also considered secondary processes. The majority of “per print” parts involve a secondary service, hence they are manufactured in several steps usually involving several different factories.

4) Are there other factors to consider when selecting a vendor for per print and reworked parts?
We suggest you work with a vendor experienced with established ISO certified factories that specialize in the specific category of part you need. An experienced vendor can help identify the factory best suited for your requirements, and they can compare quotes from their top sources domestically and abroad. The benefits to working with an experienced fastener supplier include:
• One point of contact
• One bill to pay
• Quality control of multiple factories and secondary services
• Stock and release options

And many other benefits that mean you get the right part fast and accurately.

For more detailed information about custom made parts, visit our website. And if you don’t see what you need listed, as always, ask us. “Finding the right screw for you” is our tag line after all!

For more than 40 years, MF Supply has helped American manufacturers streamline operations, saving them time and money with our sourcing expertise and unique supply chain strategies. We are a WBE/WOSB certified stocking distributor of fasteners and electronic components.

We work with the best-established factories in the United States and DFARS-certified countries, and stock a huge inventory including all major brands and equivalents. MF Supply provides solutions including: same-day drop ship direct from the factory; custom sizes, materials and plating options; and DFARS parts with full paperwork and Certificates of Conformance.

We creatively solve common problems including hard-to-find parts and long lead times. Our sourcing and reworking expertise includes fast turnaround for modification of existing parts, hard to find standards and specials, special threads, non-standard diameters and lengths, exotic materials, special platings and short runs. We provide functional equivalents to expensive brand name fasteners and help our customers save money while reducing lead times.

MF Supply is a leading supplier of custom parts per-print specializing in the following categories of specials, custom, and reworked hardware: socket products, aero-space and mil-spec parts, tamperproof, electronic, spacers and standoffs, washers, nuts and thread-forming fasteners.

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