MF Supply Launches New Product Filter! (Refreshed for 2023)

We are excited to announce our new product search and filter feature on our website!

Our new product filter lets you refine product searches by multiple attributes, including size, material, category and more. This makes it easier to navigate and search for products the way you want to. Hence, you can find the parts you need faster and more efficiently.

Simply search by your keyword…

Product Filters will appear on the left panel of our website in the following cases:

1) From the Search Navigation Bar at the top left of our home page, key in the product type, description or attributes you are seeking. i.e. inserts, then the filter appears.

And filter through your specific needs…

2) From the pages that list products available for purchase or RFQ, i.e., where the filter automatically appears.

Once the filter appears, search refinement is available based on multiple attributes including:

  • Product Type & Subtype
  • Size – Diameter x thread
  • Length
  • Head styles and drives
  • Inch or Metric
  • Outer Diameter x Thread
  • Material
  • Finish
  • Standard, including OEM brand name
  • More!

As always if you can’t find your specific part or product, feel free to send us a Request For Quote and our team of sourcing experts will follow up for you!

Six Reasons To Buy From MF Supply

  • Full eCommerce Enabled Website With Technical Manual Available 24/7 – Visit our website and Create a New Account, track online orders, browse our product catalog, check technical specs, subscribe to our blog, or buy online.  We are adding items and improving functionality daily!
  • Same Day Shipping From The USA – Our hardware products are in stock and ship to you directly from our USA based distribution centers. 
  • Functional Equivalents To Expensive Brand Names- We stock and source alternatives to brand name fasteners, reducing long lead times and saving you money.
  • Creatively Solve Problems – We are sourcing experts, offer competitive pricing and specialize in finding hard to find parts and reducing long deliveries.
  • One-Stop Shopping On Certified Hardware – We stock and source a full line of fasteners including Mil-Spec, DFARS compliant and other industrial products.
  • WBE/WOSB Woman Owned Certified Small Business – To meet your diversity & set-aside needs.

To learn more about our products, visit our blog, or email us at

Book a one-on-one consultation with our President, Robin, to discuss how MF Supply can help you solve your Industrial Sourcing, Fastener, and Safety concerns.

MF Supply Work With Us

MF Supply is a WBE/WOSB certified supply chain partner to business, industry and government.  We are sourcing experts and stocking distributors of Hardware, Precision & Mil-Spec Fasteners and Safety supplies.  For more than 50 years, we have been supplying manufacturers in the electronics, industrial, commercial, aerospace and military markets with the full range of fastener products and services.  Our Cage Code is 58QG4 and our registered name is RL Supply Inc dba MF Supply. 

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MF Supply Launches New Product Filter!

We are excited to announce our new search and filter feature in our website! Find the parts you need faster and more efficiently.

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Who is MF Supply?

MF Supply is your go-to partner for all of your fastener, precision hardware, and safety/ PPE needs! We have been supplying many businesses, industries, and government agencies with our quality products for over 50 years.

MF Supply Certifications

11 years ago, MF Supply became a women-owned business and has since been certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)! We also hold many other certifications and are registered in SAM, The System for Award Management. What this means for our customers is that we meet the needs of businesses who are looking to buy from and work with smaller women-owned businesses.

MF Supply Products

We have two divisions of products here at MF Supply- Hardware and Safety!

Fasteners and Precision Hardware

Many of our customers are manufacturers, and we supply them with the high-quality fasteners and precision hardware they need to meet specifications for their machines, equipment, and instruments.

Safety and Personal Protection Division

We also supply our customers with a wide variety of safety and personal protection equipment.

What Industries Does MF Supply Serve?

We have a very diverse customer base ranging from manufacturing, with a niche in aerospace engineering, to government agencies, municipalities, health care facilities and many more.

Where Does MF Supply Ship?

Our main office is based in New Jersey, but we also have locations and distribution centers across the country. As such, we have customers all over the world from the United States and Canada to Puerto Rico, Japan, Malaysia, and Europe.

Learn More About the Right Screw for You and Safety Too

If you are looking for high-quality hardware, fasteners, safety equipment, and personal protection equipment, MF Supply is here for you! Contact us today to learn more and check out our online store to browse our inventory.

Meet MF Supply President Robin Lieberman – WIFI@Work

Check out Women In The Fastener Industry’s interview with MF Supply President Robin Lieberman!

April 30, 2019


How did you start in The Fastener Industry?

Before becoming the President of MF Supply in 2009, my background was in Operations and Marketing.  I ran call centers in the catalog and travel industries for years.  But, I wanted to own my own business and be my own boss.  So, I bought MF Supply through a business broker, although I knew nothing about the industry at all. Actually, I knew less than nothing :). Tom, the former owner stayed on for 3 years and taught me everything!

Now, as the President of MF Supply, I live my tag line daily.  Our motto is “MF Supply, the right screw for you”, and it’s true!  My amazing staff runs the day to day, yet we are small and I touch all aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, quoting, order entry, purchasing, deliveries, pickup, strategy and much more.

What is one accomplishment in your present job are you most proud of?  

Two come to mind.   First, MF Supply survived the financial meltdown that occured right as I bought the business.  Those were scary times!  Although I took no salary for almost a year, and took on a lot of debt, my team and I survived, and were able to turn the business around.  In 2018 we are on course to triple our 2009 revenue.

Second, we converted the business operating and inventory management system from a paper based, dusty old cardex system (think Dewey decimal index cards with fastener history hand written on them),  into a systematized digital ERP based organization. We converted almost 10,000 skus from paper to PC. At the beginning we were creating part numbers in real time. But, boy, did it pay off in the long run!

What is one favorite thing about your job? 

Every single day I am challenged, usually several times.  I am always sourcing new products and suppliers, learning a new technical data point, or learning about a new company.  Just today I sent 10 RFQs to 7 new factories for a customized Mil-Spec part I have never sourced or sold.  Fingers crossed we get the order.  It’s so fun!

What is one thing we might not know about you that you would like the Fastener Industry to know? 

Hmm, I have lots of secrets, but one thing that people seem surprised to find out is that I was class clown in high school.  Just don’t ask me what year I graduated!—WIFIWork

Happy Manufacturing Day 2018!

Manufacturing Day® is a national celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers and occurs annually on the first Friday in October.

MF Supply was proud to be a Blue level sponsor of New Jersey Manufacturing Day, organized by the NJMEP,  which brought together manufacturers, students, supporters, government representatives and industry expert speakers at the Marigold in Somerset from 7:30A-2:30p today, October 5th.

We attended 2 breakout sessions:  The first session “Driving Industry Growth through Innovative Technology, Education and Government Support” featured private and public sector experts who discussed their approach to problem solving a myriad of business issues and red tape.  I met the Executive Director of the NJ Business Action Center, Melanie Willoughby who is known as “The Fixer”.  She told us how she helped a NJ manufacturer get a special crosswalk built on a state road so their workers could walk directly from their plant to the deli across the street.  It’s the little things that count!

The second session “Women in Manufacturing Roundtable Discussion” featured three powerhouse women representing the food, machine shop and clothing/sewing manufacturing industries.  It was inspiring to hear how these three women are growing their businesses in the male dominated manufacturing space.  Perhaps the coolest story was told by panelist Tom Bergeron, the Editor of ROI-NJ.   He introduced us to the camp Tools and Tiaras, where this part summer, his daughter learned how to solder and build from industry experts in the housing and building industries. Resources for women are expanding and the the future for Women in Manufacturing looks very bright!

Other breakout sessions included:

  • Tariffs – How to Apply For Exclusions
  • Emerging Topics in Food Safety
  • Tips for Recruiting, Retaining And Linking into Underutilized Talent Pools
  • 2018 Tax Reform – How to Make The Changes Work In Your Favor

Check out the manufacturing day activities and Manufacturing Award winner announcements in your neck of the woods by visiting your state’s Manufacturing Extension Program wesbite or the Manufacturing Day website for more info.

For more information about MF Supply contact:

Robin Lieberman, President