MF Supply launches new search feature!

We are excited to announce our new search and filter feature in our website! Find the parts you need faster and more efficiently.

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Check out MF Supply’s Handy Keensert® Cross Reference Tables!

Checkout our three most popular Keylocking Insert cross reference charts to see if there is a Functional Equivalent to your Keensert® OEM brand, and start saving money and reducing lead times immediately.

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The Buyer’s Guide to Dowel Pins You Must Have Today!

MF Supply is a trusted Supplier of Precision Dowel Pins to manufacturers with our extensive assortment of Inch, Metric, Commercial, Mil-Spec and OEM brand names and equivalents.

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The Buyer’s Guide to Self-Clinching Fasteners You Must Have!

Through our extensive assortment of OEM brand names and equivalents, we offer our customers quality imported and domestic self-clinching options.

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Your Ultimate Functional Equivalent Cheat Sheet

At MF Supply, we spend a lot of time sourcing hard to find, back ordered, expensive, or out-of-stock OEM hardware brands. We do this in order to save money and to reduce long lead times for our customers, without sacrificing quality.

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KN95 Masks At MF Supply

KN95 masks are back in stock and ready to ship! Since we serve a wide variety of industries, we offer a wide quantity for your convenience! We can sell our KN95 filtering respirator masks in quantities from 50 to 50,000! Order online or request a custom quote today!

KN95 Masks Available At MF Supply


MF Supply relied heavily on the accurate and timely information NJMEP provided once the pandemic began. 

“Our business has grown and added headcount by pivoting directions. A lot of that happened, frankly, because of the information we received from NJMEP,” Robin Lieberman, President, MF Supply explained.

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Self Clinching Fasteners At MF Supply

Self-clinching fasteners are classified as part of the electronic hardware family, and they’re not governed by some of the IFI or ANSI standards. At MF Supply, we are a Captive distributor; this is one of the major brand names in the self-clinching world. Captive is an alternative to the PEM brand, which we also sell.

Self Clinching Fasteners Available at MF Supply

Custom Made & Reworked Fasteners

When off-the-shelf fasteners are not the right fit for an application, engineers and designers may require Custom Made fasteners. This may be for a prototype, a replacement of an existing part, or for a large-scale production run.  Learn more about what they are and how to get an accurate quote below.

Custom Made & Reworked Fasteners at MF Supply

Precision Shoulder Screws At MF Supply

Precision Shoulder Screws are generally classified as part of the electronic hardware family. They resemble socket cap screws with an enlarged, unthreaded cylindrical shoulder under the head, and are used to hold parts together within a precision assembly.  Sometimes referred to as “tight tolerance” shoulder screws, they are not governed by any official ANSI or ASME standard.

Precision Shoulder Screws Available At MF Supply