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MF Supply is a WBE/WOSB woman owned business, and a trusted supplier of Functional Equivalents to Plastite® and Taptite® Brand screws. We offer a wide selection of over 2,600 inch and metric trilobular thread-rolling / thread-forming screws, in Steel or Stainless Steel materials, that are perfect for a variety of plastic/thermoplastic and soft metal applications. You’ll find in stock Plastite® and Taptite® Alternative Screws with different head styles, drives, thread sizes, and lengths; so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Common Uses for Plastite® Alternative Screws

Plastite® Alternative Screws are used in many industries that rely on fastening solutions for plastic/thermoplastic applications. The main purpose for these screws is to create threads within the plastic material, as they are being driven in, in order to create dependable and secure fastening solutions for holding plastic components together.

Some of the industries that benefit from Plastite® Alternative Screws include the Consumer Goods Industry, where they utilize this fastening solution to secure plastic parts in furniture, plastic containers, toys, and sporting goods; the Appliances Industry, where these screws are used to assemble many plastic parts/components that contribute to the overall durability and functionality of the appliances, such as dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, refrigerators, and many other household appliances; the Electronics and Electrical Industries, where these screws are touted for their resistance to loosening due to vibration, and for their fastening use in circuit boards, cable management systems, electrical components, and other plastic surfaces. In addition to the previous industries, the Industrial Equipment Industry, Automotive Industry, Packaging Industry, and many more, also make great use of these handy fasteners!

Common Uses for Taptite® Alternative Screws

Taptite® Alternative Screws carry similar benefits to the ones Plastite® Alternative Screws offer, but with the added benefit that they can also be used on soft metal applications, such as aluminum, mild steel, brass, copper and magnesium. In this sense, these screws are used in many industries where secure and efficient fastening is a must!

Some of the industries that make use of Taptite® Alternative Screws are: the Aerospace Industry, where they use these screws in components that require resistance to vibration, such as aircraft components, and aerospace structures and equipment; the Electronics Industry, where they use many of these screws to secure electronics, such as smart phones, computers, circuit boards, electronic enclosures, and other consumer electronics; the Metal Fabrication Industry, where these guys do the job of fastening metal assemblies and metal structures securely in place. Other industries that make use of these screws are the Manufacturing and Assembly Industry, the Automotive Industry, and the Machinery and Equipment Industry—where Taptite® Alternative Screws are commonly used in the assembly of construction equipment, industrial and agricultural machinery, and other mechanical systems.

In-Stock Plastite® & Taptite® Alternative Screws at MF Supply

We currently have in stock over 2,600 Plastite® and Taptite® Alternative Screws in inch and metric sizes, and in a variety of head styles, drives, and lengths. The most common material options available are: steel—with a black oxide, black zinc, zinc, zinc green, or zinc yellow finish—A2 Steel, 410 stainless steel, and stainless steel materials.

Below is a list of the Trilobular Thread-Rolling / Thread-Forming Plastite® and Taptite® Alternative Screws currently available on our website!

Our Plastite® and Taptite® Alternative Screws are competitively priced. Don’t wait and visit our website today to place an order, or reach out to us to Request a Quote!

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MF Supply is a WBE/WOSB certified supply chain partner to business, industry and government.  We are sourcing experts and stocking distributors of Hardware, Precision & Mil-Spec Fasteners and Safety supplies.  For more than 50 years, we have been supplying manufacturers in the electronics, industrial, commercial, aerospace and military markets with the full range of fastener products and services.  Our Cage Code is 58QG4 and our registered name is RL Supply Inc dba MF Supply.