What the heck is new?


Volume 10

September 24, 2014

What the heck is new?

Welcome to the 10th edition of our “What the heck is that” newsletter and blog where we discuss some of the unique fasteners and electronic hardware that manufacturers use in the design and assembly of their products.

This month, we decided to change it up. September is Back to School time, where Education is top of mind.  So, we decided to share some of our recent learnings with our readers.

Have you heard that Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the new name for 3D printing?  Did you know that stainless steel and wood pallets are commodities in short supply for the 4th month in a row? Scroll down to explore the news that got us excited in September, and click on the survey links to share your experience.

What’s new and interesting?

World’s First 3D printed Car

The International Technology Manufacturing Show  took place in Chicago earlier this month.  What could be sexier than the marriage of technology and manufacturing?  Innovation was the name of the game as the world’s first-ever 3D printed car was built on site in just 44 hours! Check out this super cool video:   http://www.manufacturing.net/videos/2014/09/video-the-worlds-first-3d-printed-car  to see the car being built.

The printed car consists of about 40 parts, versus 20,000 parts in a regular car.  That’s a 500% reduction in parts, which is a jaw-dropping savings (and for sure impacts suppliers to manufacturers like us!).   Is your organization planning to invest in 3D printing technology in the next 12-18 months?  Click here to take the survey

Manufacturing Index Up along with Commodity prices

The August Manufacturing Index reports that new orders, employment and production are growing. Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in August for the 15th consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the 63rd consecutive month, say the nation’s supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business®.  We say, it’s about time!

Commodity prices, including stainless steel and aluminum are increasing as well, which is sure to impact the price of many final products in the coming months.

Of the 18 manufacturing industries, 17 are reporting growth over 2013. Is your company growing over 2013?  Click here to take survey.

The Remaking of American Manufacturing in New Jersey

On October 15, 2015, the NJMTA will be hearing from the Alliance for American Manufacturing, the NJ Business Action Center and the US Department of Commerce International Trade Association (ITA) on how we can grow Manufacturing in New Jersey. MF Supply will be there hosting as a Bronze Sponsor. Mark your calendars for this important dinner and networking event.

Check back with us next month for our next Product newsletter/blog.  And please email me directly if you’ve got any ideas for topics you would like to learn about.  I’m all ears!



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