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MF Supply is a WBE/WOSB woman owned business, and a trusted supplier of Functional Equivalent Pins & Clips to OEMs, Manufacturers, Industry, and Government. We offer a wide selection of over 1,500 inch, metric & Mil-Spec Pins, in Alloy Steel, Steel, and Stainless Steel materials, that are perfect for a myriad of applications. You’ll find in stock Pins in many sizes including major brands and equivalents to Blue Devil, Pic Design, WM Berg, Misumi and Unicorp; so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Who uses Pins & Clips?

Pins & clips are commonly used on many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, electronic, machinery, tooling, agriculture, construction and many more where reliable and convenient fastening is a must. Continue reading to learn more about the characteristics of each pin or clip currently on our website, and how they could be of use on your next project.

Coiled Spring Pins: Coiled Spring Pins, also known as Spiral Pins or Coiled Pins, are headless, hollow pins with chamfered ends, made by shaping or wrapping a steel sheet into a slightly larger diameter than the standard size. Unlike the slotted pins variety, these pins are distinguished by their multiple walls.

Uses: These pins are frequently used to join and fasten two or more components together. When the pins are inserted into pre-drilled holes, their spiral shape allows them to expand and exert radial pressure against the sides of the hole. This creates a secure and snug fit/connection. Apart from their fastening functionalities, Coiled Spring Pins can also serve as effective retaining features. They have the ability to secure various items, such as gears, pulleys, or bearings, onto shafts, effectively preventing axial movement or slippage. Moreover, these pins can be utilized to accurately position and retain other components, ensuring precise alignment and preventing undesired movement.

Cotter Pins: Cotter Pins, also known as Split Pins, are double bodied pins formed from half-round wire, a loop at one end of which provides a head. The finished part has one end of the wire extending beyond the other end, with a chiseled point.

Uses: These pins are used to anchor various assemblies by inserting them into a drilled hole in the shaft or pin and spreading the points to hold the assembly in position. When used with castle or slotted nuts, it becomes a safety locking device. An important benefit offered by Cotter Pins is their ease of removal, which enables swift disassembly or maintenance tasks. When the need arises to dismantle/disassemble components, cotter pins can be readily taken out by straightening or bending back the split end to its original position. This feature simplifies repair or maintenance operations.

Precision Dowel Pins: These pins are solid headless straight pins with a closely controlled diameter. Applications include a wide variety of uses, such as plug gage, hinge, or shaft. They are typically cylindrical in shape and made from materials such as hardened steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Uses: Precision Dowel Pins are widely utilized to achieve precise alignment and positioning of components. These pins undergo meticulous machining processes and are manufactured with strict tolerances to guarantee a snug and accurate fit. Precise tolerances of Dowel Pins make them excellent for achieving proper alignment of parts in high-speed assemblies, or as roller bearings in bus/truck wheel housings. By inserting them into corresponding holes in two or more parts, the dowel pins guarantee proper alignment and positioning of the parts in relation to one another. These dowel pins serve as reference points or datums, ensuring accuracy and precision throughout the assembly process.

Slotted Spring Pins: Sometimes referred to as Roll Pins, Expansion Pins, C-Pins or Tension Pins, Slotted Spring Pins are hollow, headless pins, slit longitudinally, having controlled lengths with chamfered ends, formed to a diameter somewhat greater than that of the hole into which they are to be assembled. These pins are cylindrical in shape and are able to compress and expand upon insertion into a hole. Additionally, they are commonly crafted from materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel.

Uses: Slotted spring pins are used for the purpose of securing and fastening components together. The slots present in the pin allow for compression during insertion and radial expansion, which generates outward pressure against the walls of the pre-drilled hole. This inherent self-retaining characteristic guarantees the pin’s retention and delivers a secure method of fastening. Spring pins are economical because they can simplify product design by replacing more expensive fasteners such as taper pins, set screws and straight pins. Stainless steel Spring Pins are commonly used in electronics and food industries.

Hair/Hitch Pin Clips: Hitch Pin Clips, also known as Hair Pin Clips, Bridge Pins or R-Clips, are double-bodied pins formed from round wires. These pins are formed in a way where one end is bent approximately 180° so that the two resulting sides meet or come close to meeting. The final pins have one side that remains straight, while the opposite side has one or more turns permanently formed into it.

Uses: Hair/Hitch Pin Clips are designed to serve as a mating part to several other pins. They provide a hassle-free way to attach and detach components without the need for additional tools or complicated fastening mechanisms. Hitch Pin Clips also act as a safety feature, ensuring that the connected components remain intact during operation. When the need arises to remove or replace a pin, Hitch Pin Clips present a simple and time-saving solution. By simply compressing the curved end and sliding it out of the hole, the clip can be easily removed. Hence, this allows for quick disassembly, maintenance, or component replacement without the requirement of specialized tools or lengthy procedures.

In-Stock Pins & Clips at MF Supply

We currently have in stock over 1,500 Pins & Clips in inch, metric & Mil-Spec sizes. The most common material options available are: alloy steel with bright or ebony black oxide finishes; steel with thermal black, mechanical zinc, zinc, and zinc phosphate finishes; and passivated stainless steel—including series A2, T321, 18-8, 300, 303, 316, 400 416, & 420.

Browse through the links provided below to find the Pins or Clips that you need, and that are currently available on our website.

  • Inch Coiled Spring Pins: Stock sizes include 1/16 to 3/8 in Steel with a Thermal Black finish, and in 420 Stainless Steel.
  • Inch Cotter Pins: Stock sizes include 1/16 to 1/2 in Steel with a Chisel Point and Zinc Plating, as per standard ASME B18.8.1 specifications.
  • Mil-Spec MS9245 Cotter Pins: Stock sizes include 1/32 through 5/32 in T321 Stainless Steel.
  • Inch Precision Dowel Pins: Interference / Press Fit & Slip Fit Dowel Pins in 300 Series Stainless Steel; Dowel Pins in 316 Series Stainless Steel; and Dowel Pins in Alloy Steel with Bright or Ebony Black Oxide finishes.
  • Metric Precision Dowel Pins: Stock sizes include M1 through M10 diameters in 18-8, 300, 303, A2 Series Stainless Steel; and M2 through M10 diameters in 416 Stainless Steel.
  • Mil-Spec Precision Dowel Pins: MS16555-1 through MS16555-145, MS16555-301 through MS16555-444 & MS16555-601 through MS16555-744, including between-spec sizes; and Mil-P-21143 Series in 303 Stainless Steel.
  • Inch Slotted Spring Pins: Stock sizes include 1/16 to 1/2 in Steel wth a Thermal Black or Mechanical Zinc Finish, 420 Stainless Steel, and Stainless Steel materials—as per standard ASME B18.8.2 specifications.
  • Metric Slotted Spring Pins: Stock sizes include M2 to M8 in Steel with a Thermal Black Finish, as per standard ISO 8752 specifications.
  • Mil-Spec MS16562 Slotted Spring Pins: Stock sizes include 1/16 through 1/2 in Steel Zinc Phosphate.
  • Inch Hair Pins / Hitch Pin Clips: Stock sizes include .028 to .243 in Steel Zinc.

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  • WBE/WOSB Woman Owned Certified Small Business – To meet your diversity & set-aside needs.

MF Supply is a WBE/WOSB certified supply chain partner to business, industry and government.  We are sourcing experts and stocking distributors of Hardware, Precision & Mil-Spec Fasteners and Safety supplies.  For more than 50 years, we have been supplying manufacturers in the electronics, industrial, commercial, aerospace and military markets with the full range of fastener products and services.  Our Cage Code is 58QG4 and our registered name is RL Supply Inc dba MF Supply. 

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