Taptite® Alternative Screws!? What the heck are those?

Welcome back to the next installment in our “what the heck is that” series, refreshed for 2023! In this series we discuss some of the unique fasteners and electronic hardware that manufacturers use in the design and assembly of their products. Today, we will introduce you to Taptite® Alternative Screws! Like our friends, the Plastite® Alternative Screws, these fasteners are functional equivalents to a trademark registered branded product. Taptite®, Duo-Taptite®and Taptite Pro® are trademarked by REMINC/CONTI.

What are Taptite® Alternative Screws?

Taptite equivalent fasteners are high performance thread-rolling screws (sometimes called thread-forming or trilobular) that create reusable threads in soft metal materials, such as plastic, aluminum, mild steel, brass, copper and magnesium. Their design include a trilobular rolling or thread-forming tip that grants them thread-forming, thread-rolling action as they are driven into the material. This thread-forming action creates a tight and secure connection, which in turn enhances the holding power of the screws in the plastic and soft metal component.

These fasteners need pre-drilled holes, but they don’t need pre-tapped or pre-threaded holes. This is because, when their threads are driven into the application, they tend to displace the material on the walls, inside the holes, in order to form mating threads. These newly formed internal mating threads tighten the screws securely in place and provide resistance to loosening caused by vibrations. Hence, Taptite® Alternative Screws are designed for applications where stability is crucial, but also to help eliminate some of the assembly costs associated with tapping procedures.

It is also worth mentioning that Taptite Alternative screws come in inch & metric sizes, and in a variety of heads, drives, materials and finishes that are designed for a wide range of plastic and soft metal fastening solutions.

Who uses Taptite® Alternative Screws?

Taptite® Alternative Screws are designed with an optimized thread-forming / thread-rolling action that enables efficient engagement, provides increased holding power, clamp load retention, and resistance to loosening due to vibrations. Any plastic or soft metal application with a pre-drilled bore/hole that needs to reliably secure the mating of components, and that needs to eliminate the need for additional tapping, threading or locking operations is a great candidate for using this type of fasteners!

Taptite® Alternative Screws are widely used across various plastic and soft metal applications in many industries, including: aerospace, electronics, appliances, manufacturing, machinery and equipment, and many more. They are also very common in the automotive industry. For instance, many manufacturers have used these screws to assemble components onto the exterior and interior of aluminum engines.

What materials and sizes are available?

Taptite® Alternative Screws are readily available off the shelf in steel—with a black oxide, black zinc, zinc, zinc green, or zinc yellow finish—410 stainless steel, and stainless steel materials. In addition, inch Taptite® Alternative Screws follow the SAE J81 standard, and their metric counterparts follow the Din 7500 standards.

Standard stock sizes for the head diameter are Inch from 2-56 to 1/2-13, and Metric from M2-0.4 to M8-1.25. Popular thread classes include partial, SEMS, and full threads.

Are there other factors to consider?

YES! It is generally recommended to pre-drill or pre-punch holes, with an increased length of engagement, to hold the entire length of the screws in the plastic or metal material/application. This should be done in order to ensure proper thread formation, fastener fracture—if it is the preferred failure mode—and to minimize the risk of material damage.

Taptite® Alternative Screws at MF Supply

We currently offer:

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  • Custom made parts per print.

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